Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chance (un)Encounters (I)

come stand by me.
doubt the sun from your window and
because by chance i came prepared,
but you thought you’d risk it,
let me offer you a small reprieve.

i’ll raise my elbow
try to stand a little taller,
your hunched warm breath
won’t stop slanting rain from the left,
but will make it (quite) bearable.

we, an island in the season
of downcast eyes
as if raindrops will be
misinterpreted as tears,
look away.

sound is swallowed
by more sound.
we only have
brief glances,
infinite allusions.

across the million refractive dreams
on their way down to pave moments in
the grand sequence

the light will change

into green, into get away, into
we go separately, but,
just for a moment,
won’t you

come stand with me.


©Farhana Jahan

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