Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lovesong of a Curandera

The lovesong of a curandera
drips like nectar from her lips.
I want to kiss her on the mouth
that sings my soul to peace,
licks my wounds, and
heals the rifts in my psyche.
I want to take her hands
and place them around my heart,
beg her to sculpt and stitch it
whole again.
Sometimes all she does is listen,
watches my tears
and says
Look, mija. The ocean comes for you.
It takes the pebbles under your feet
and rolls them smooth
for you
to pick the prettiest and wear around your neck
or to throw back into the blue.
Espéra, strange and beautiful one.
and that will be all the hope I need
to breathe a little deeper,
throw open my soul
and dream again.


With love, to my curanderas and curanderos. 

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