Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Maybe I dream too hard, and why I wake up exhausted

In the nighttime I slip out
of my skin
to go dancing with other skeletons,
my bones a lovely pearl,
our fire opalescent.
We dance on rooftops and in parking lots,
under silver moons,
like visions
rattling and rolling--
it's almost obscene.
come dance with me.

Bring your left feet
and we'll find you a right pair
with ivory inlay and
jazz in the marrow.
Join our congregation,
this is our nightly sole-prayer to
soothe the flames that consume our souls during the day.
We clatter-clatter and
heal the cracks--you'll see.
Come and dance with me, darling,
on the balance beam of a dream.
Before the sun seals us up again,
before we break wide open.

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